21-23 September 2018

Advancing your yoga practice & teaching skills
with Joan Hyman

Improve your yoga practice and your teaching skills with Joan Hyman.

Enjoy international high quality yoga teaching in the first workshops in Spain of Joan Hyman’s European tour.

Joan has been sharing her knowledge for 20 years in different countries and leads the teacher training programs of Wanderlust in the United States.

We will begin on Friday September 21 with a presentation Masterclass, co-organized with Wanderlust Spain, open to practitioners of all levels, which will take place in the studio The Class.

We will continue with 4 workshops, perfect for yoga teachers and teacher training students. They are also recommended for dedicated yoga students who want to improve their own practice.

After the full 12-hour course (4 workshops), you will obtain a certificate that qualifies for Yoga Alliance continuing education hours.

We will also send you a 20% discount code for the next Wanderlust 108 event, that will take place on October 6th in Madrid.

Masterclass: Traveling from the Outside In

Friday September 21, 2018. 7.30 pm – 9 pm.  The Class.

Join Joan in her signature flow class “traveling from the outside in”.

This class will move from your outer edges into your inner body and discover the more subtle parts of your practice.

We will use alignment as a point of focus to build steadiness. Music lends itself to softening your edges and help to move through tension.

Release all that does not serve you by breathing deeper into resistance as we explore holding postures and sequencing the builds safely and flows.

Workshop: Hands on Adjustments and The Art of Looking at Bodies

Saturday  September 22, 2018. 10 am – 1 pm. Ayoga.

Adjust your students with confidence and optimize their experience in the poses by refining your touch skills.

Learn how to better read and assess body language using the basic techniques of applying safe and practical hands-on adjustments as well as verbal and energetic adjustments. By focusing on how the poses work on different body types and you will explore several asanas in partner work.

Learning how to assist and support others improves your own practice in the process.

Workshop: Healing the Lower Back with Yoga

Saturday September 22, 2018. 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm. Ayoga.

Guide your students in the healing of their low back through yoga postures that build strength in their legs and core to support their sacrum.

The sacrum is the key to stability in the lower back. It is the fulcrum point in our bodies from which all movement happens.  If the surrounding muscles are not stable, the ligaments and joints in the lower back will be stressed.

In this workshop, you will learn about the muscles and bones surrounding the low back area and evaluate the standing poses and core exercises needed to build strength here.

Hip openers and breath awareness adds to the healing by pacifying the low back so your students leave feeling free of low back pain and gain the tools to help them stay there!

Workshop: Advanced your asana.

Sunday September 23, 2018. 10 am – 1 pm. Ayoga.

Advanced Asana takes precision and alignment so we feel steady moving in and out of these challenging postures.

In this workshop, we will break down the muscles that support the shoulder girdle and create stability  helping to make inversions accessible.  Inversions can create a strong sense of centering and confidence and are a vital part of our asana practice.

Learn how to break component parts down that build strong inversions and can help you move through fear and learn to approach these advanced postures with more ease and awareness.

Workshop: Restorative Love

Sunday  September 23, 2018. 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm. Ayoga.

Restorative yoga is deeply healing because it shifts the nervous system into the parasympathic nervous system which is also known as the rest and repair state, where we rejuvanate and replenish.

Each pose supports you with props so you can let go and rest  your body and our mind, helping to induce a meditative state where more insight and contemplation is found.
In this world today, where we are constantly on the go, it is even more important to stop and slow down and replenish our systems on a deep level.

Benefits of restorative yoga include:  better sleep, improved digestion, higher fertility, improve metabolism, more clarity and inspiration, and increase longetivity and vitality

About Joan Hyman

Joan Hyman’s grounded teaching style seamlessly supports her students as they emerge from their practice with the rich and bright energy that yoga has to offer. It is here that the space is created for her students to deepen their personal journey while aligning with the teachings of true yogic traditions.
Joan’s teachings come from an organic and intuitive place, as she draws upon the combination Ayurveda, meditation, as well as the studies of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga.

An authentic modern day yogi, Joan’s love and devotion show up in her practice and through her teachings.
With over twenty years of experience leading retreats, trainings, and workshops worldwide – fifteen of which as a distinguished YogaWorks senior teacher – Joan recently brought her expertise to Wanderlust. As Director of Teacher Trainings, Joan collaborates with teachers who are experts in their field of study with the goal to create an eclectic training program for students at any level.

As a leader in the Los Angeles yoga community, Joan also contributes to popular blogs such as The Daily Love, Elephant Journal, and Wanderlust. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, ORIGIN Magazine and Women’s Health for her advice and expertise on health and wellness.

Joan’s openhearted approach to teaching yoga keeps both her inner spirit
and her students continuously evolving.

You can find out more about Joan at www.joanhyman.com


Early bird discount for registrations in the full course (4 workshops) until September 7.

Before September 7. Full course: 180 €

After September 7. Full course: 210 €

Individual workshops: 55 € each one

Masterclass: 25 € (not included in the full course)


Masterclass. Viernes 21 de Septiembre, 19.30 – 21.00.

The Class. C/Pinar 8, Madrid.

Ayoga. C/ Atocha 56, Madrid.